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  • Aroma Therapy Gift Set

    The complete gift set for the real aromatherapy enthusiast!
    Vaporize your favorite essential oils or melting candles to spread wonderful scents in your home or at work.

    Evaporating essential oils helps to improve air quality, purifies the air of bacteria and viruses and spreads a pleasant scent that also helps to relax.

    This gift set contains:
    – a handmade ceramic oil vaporizer with a beautiful design that fits well in any interior.
    – 3 bottles of our favorite 100% natural essential oils
    – a candle to start right away!

    This set contains the following 3 bottles of our favorite 100% natural essential oils:
    Sweet orange oil (obtaining process: cold pressed) – 10ml
    Lavender oil (obtaining process: steam distillation from lavender flowers) – 10ml
    Eucalyptus oil (obtaining process: steam distillation from eucalyptus leaves) -10ml

  • Luxury Waffle Bathrobe & Towel Set (1x Bathrobe + 2x Towels)

    Highly recommended for the wellness, spa, hammam, bath, pool and beach enthusiast!
    This bathrobe & towel gift set comes with one luxury bathrobe and 2 luxury towels (1 large beach/bath towel and one smaller hand/face towel).
    Our luxury towels and bathrobes are traditionally handmade with a very soft waffle cotton fabric which is 100% natural.

    The soft waffle cotton fabric feels very comfortable on the skin, and absorbs the water very well without feeling uncomfortably heavy.
    The waffle pattern of the fabric creates pockets of air which helps keep you warm in the cold winters.
    Also, this unique fabric is not uncomfortably heavy, so it also feels very nice on the skin in the hot summers!

    Handmade and 100% natural.
    100% Natural waffle cotton.
    Unisex – (this gift set is suitable for both men and women).
    1 size (one size for all).
    Contains no synthetic or plastic fibres.
    Contains no synthetic colors or dyes.