To answer some of the most common questions about our company we have created a Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you can’t find the answers you are looking for please send a message to We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

1) Are Sabish soaps really natural?
– Yes. Sabish natural soaps are made with high quality food grade extra virgin olive oil. We also use pure coconut oil and castor oil in our soaps to create a bar of soap that is good for your hair and skin.

We do not use any harsh petro-chemicals or carcinogen additives such as sodium laureth sulfate or sodium palmate a.k.a. palm oil.

Please pay attention to these chemicals on the regular products that you use on your skin and hair…long term exposure to these chemicals increases the risk of skin conditions such as various types skin cancers.


2) Do Sabish soaps contain colloring agents?
– No. However, for some of our soaps we do use natural dried herbal powders such as cinnamon powder or coffee powder for brown, black-cumin powder and vanilla oil and powder for dark brown/black, powdered nettle leafs for green, etc.

3) How are Sabish soaps produced?
– Our soaps are all handmade using the ‘cold process’ technique. This way, the glycerin that is naturally present in the extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil, stays inside the soap. This ensures that the soap is naturally more hydrating and beneficial for the skin.

4) Can I order soap with my own labels?
– Yes. Please click on the “Private Labels” page for a more detailed description. We have 3 options for the label possibilities, but we are also open to custom suggestions for special occasions such as weddings & engagement parties, birthdays, baby showers, business exhibitions, receptions etc.

A) Besides our own “Sabish” branded labels we can put your own company logo on our labels for free. (The same label but with your logo instead of the Sabish logo).
B) You may also send us your own label design in pdf format in the right dimensions (mm. x mm.).
C) If you want us to design a completely unique label to your own desires, we ask €45,- per hour.

5) How long does it take for my order to arrive?
If we have it in stock, 1-2 business days.
If not in stock, 7-14 business days.